Like humans who are all different from each other,
there are no two pieces of wood that are the same.



Pride of Kijishi wood-turner

 We are Shozu Shikko who works as "Kijishi", wood-turner, in Kaga city, Ishikawa, Japan. Our company has started by Masao KUBODE in 1946 and today runned by 2nd heir Shoji KUBODE. We have been facing and working with wood day by day for more than 70 years. From the late generation, we inherit the traditional technique and philosophy of how we should understand wood as a natural resource which is not to control but to communicate with and to understand for what it is.
  Today, we update our knowledge and technology of production, especially the drying technique and the steel turning machine to improve our operation and make products more affordable. As Kijishi, we keep exploring and challenging ourselves and enjoy the enchantment of wood  through our products. As our new project, we released 3 our original brands in 2018, details as below. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready for you. Enjoy your everday life with our products. Thank you.



Find your Senses in Your Hand, IPPONGI

With all our knowledge and experience, IPPONGI is born to express the fascinating existence of wood which may enrapture your heart and wake your senses by touching and feeling them. We would like to help you feel the wood as it really is. IPPONGI is made of one wooden piece and coated with clear glass material to show its beautiful and delicate curved line and surface. IPPONGI is not just a product but also our messenger who brings you the opportunity to notice and understand how important the wood is to our lives. Please enjoy experiencing this living natural resource with your five senses and finding the pleasure to live with it again.




mebuki 芽吹き

Redefinition for the Value of Knot

   Knot is an important part for wood where new branches come out to grow. However, people tend to consider knots are not good for products and have been throwing them away as defective. They are also difficult to manufacture and have dark appearance but in reality there are no negative aspects to use them. By taking advantage of our technique and knowledge, we are happy to redefine the value of knots and to show their potential with our brand: Mebuki.
 Mebuki ("sprout" in Japanese) is finished with wipe-lacquer that will let you enjoy wood grain and add gold paint around the knots to accentuate each original shape of it. Please feel the vital energy through Mebuki and find your favorite one for your own. We recommend Mebuki as gift for the beginning of new phases of life such as baby birth, entrance of school, marriage etc. Bring your own Mebuki into your life.




shokyu 匠久

The Quest for Beauty and Grandeur of Wood

 Shokyu brand was established by Masao KUBODE in the 1940's and inherited to the 2nd generation son Shoji KUBODE with his technique and philosophy. We respect and harness all parts of wood with its originality, including knots and unusual grain which have been thrown away as defectives before. Through our brand, Shokyu, we would like to go back to the roots of the relation between wood and us and to share its potential with you. We use only clear glass coating and keep visible the beautiful wood surface which also makes products easy to wash. It would be our great pleasure if you choose Shokyu for your everyday life.




Official Catalog

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